Thea Volk is a photographer covering weddings and family portraits throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. Her approach is to capture the energy and spirit of each occasion, which means she doesn't adhere to a canned shot list. Instead, her process involves striking a balance between portraiture and photojournalism, taking care with composition, gently guiding the shot, yet not stepping in the way of the natural progression.

She believes your photos shouldn't look like everyone else's. They should look like your's.



Consults, site-visits, prints, and online galleries are a given with any service that I offer.

I live and work out of a cedar paneled, fireplace abundant, light-filled home in Minneapolis.

My work has been described as genuine and organic.

Your wedding is not a photo shoot, the magic is in REAL moments.

I don't over-process or retouch my images. We are going for natural here!

No cheesy poses allowed on my watch. 

I always have a back-up plan and I am calm under pressure.

Kid-wrangling and distraction techniques are two of my finest skills and they come in handy during your family portrait session.

Edited digital files come with all wedding and portrait packages.

 Weddings begin at $2000 - Families at $275.