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Global Goods

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After stepping into my friend Roni's space, I may have to reconsider my mid-century modern home decor habits. Her business, The Loaded Trunk, sells housewares, textiles, and rugs from all over the world. She, personally, curates the collection. Like, she meets with the makers in Morocco, Istanbul, Syria, you get the idea. She works with them to bring their goods to the U.S. market. She has a real focus on fair prices and limited quantities so that these makers are being compensated for their amazing work. Anyway, one of everything for me, please.

Personal Branding

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The New York Times ran an article this week about a trend in social media, Personal Branding. Why not, they say, put your best self forward online. Instead of relying on a selfie or other snapshot, many people are hiring photographers to create portraits for their social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, their blogs, business website, etc. I for one, LOVE this idea! In a time where we can all be pretty good photographers given the level of technology available, there is something completely different about a professional shoot. So, brand yourself. Treat yourself. 

Baby in Studio : Lucie Turns One

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Lucie's parents came to the studio last week for portraits, celebrating Lucy's coming first birthday. Her mother brought so many adorable props, including the mama-made banner and quilt. Lucie is a lucky kid, I hear she is having a puppy themed party. Seems about right. Happy Birthday Lucie!