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From the Archives - Greece

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I recently revisited my photos from a vacation John and I took to Greece several years ago. This one stood out. It was good enough that I printed it and hung it on our wall, which I don't do with my own work often. Now, I want to print it even bigger. And, I think I want to go back to Greece! The swimmer in the bottom of the frame is my favorite part.

Give Me Your Best Silly Face - St. Anthony Main Family Portrait

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This portrait is from last Fall. I met an extended family for portraits by the river near St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis. The family was celebrating their mother's 70th birthday and since they don't all get together as often as they would like, we did a bunch of photographs. Below is what happens when cousins get together.

Collaboration with The American Edit

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My admiration for Rita Mehta's style-guide, The American Edit is full. I am delighted to have had the chance to collaborate on a little post she published this week, featuring U.S.A.'s own, Baldwin Denim. I photographed their flagship store while visiting Kansas City in July. See TAE's full post on Baldwin Denim here. While I was there, I grabbed this top for myself.